We Understand your concern and want to convey, we are following the situation, as from Placing the order to Delivery of the Order, We at Woodsala, Ensures the Process is as smooth as possible. 

We Understand Due to some unforeseen situation, The Shipment has been Delayed at one Location for Far Too Long Period and This does not normally Happen, But in Extra Ordinary Situation like COVID19, The Drastic Steps have to be taken.

We Continuously Monitor the Customer Shipments, and If we find any thing which is not normal, A Complaint is Raised from our Behalf, as to why the Shipment is Late.

Our Message to Customer is that, It is Our Duty to Ensure the Delivery is Made as Soon as Possible along with All the Standards of Safety and Precautions.

Please Free to Raise a Ticket and we will be able to Serve you better.